What Are Your Unique Leadership Capacities?

What Are Your Unique Leadership Capacities? By Laleh Hancock   As John Quincy Adams, the 6 th president of the United States of America said: “If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more, and become more, you are a leader.” The choices and the actions you take have the power to… [ More ]

America's Leading Ladies - Author Laleh Hancock

America’s Leading Ladies: Stories of Courage, Challenge and Triumph is a beautiful collaborative effort of 50 women with a heart and vision to make the world a better place under the guidance of Pat Sampson. It is available on Amazon and you may also pre-order your print copy from an author. Today’s author reveal is… [ More ]


Click here to listen to full length Podcast. What energies does your business require right now?  Laleh Hancock, a Joy of Business facilitator (among many other things!) joins Simone to chat about the three energies required in business.  Listen to learn about the differences between the connector, creator, and mover and how to develop your… [ More ]

The Art of Being Your Voice

Does Making Others Happy Include You? Click here to listen to full Podcast. August 8, 2019 Join Eena Basur & Laleh Hancock as they share some Right Voice for You tools on how to include you and your happiness in your life!   More information about Right Voice for You here: www.rightvoiceforyou.com  Head here for more information… [ More ]

Paul Kearney & Laleh Hancock - The Beauty of Books

Click here to listen to full Podcast. Laleh Hancock and Paul Kearney explore the beauty of books and how they can be a major contribution in our life and add to the beauty in your life. We explore leadership, powerful people and the qualities of a great leader. How can books contribute to your life?… [ More ]

Get Your Voice Heard

5 tips to follow Click here to read original publication. Getting a pay raise is an important way for an organization to acknowledge the work and contribution you are making both in your role and to the business as a whole. However, according to information released in a recent Compensation Best Practices survey conducted by PayScale,… [ More ]


Click here to read original publication. Who do you rely on to advise you about your finances? Whether you are taking the steps to completely engage with your finances for the first time, or you know it’s time to take your wealth creation to the next level – what if today, you became the CFO… [ More ]

Confidence, Gratitude, and Innovation with Laleh Hancock

Turn your problems into possibilities with gratitude. Confidence. Some people seem to have infinite amounts of it, never doubting themselves as they speak up, take risks, and pursue innovation. Yet, others seem to struggle with self-doubt and fear in even the smallest things that they do. Laleh Hancock is an expert on the topic and… [ More ]

“Ser líder es incluirte a ti en todas tus elecciones”

To read original publication, click here. Siento como que vuelo. Estoy sentada en un cafecito en el barrio de Las Letras en Madrid. ¿Cómo es que llegué aquí? Eligiendo. Hace un par de semanas recibí un correo que contenía un video con una pregunta que me encantó: “¿Cuánto espacio podemos ocupar mi cuerpo y yo… [ More ]

5 Healthy Alternatives to “Biting Your Tongue”

Click here to read original publication. While I consider myself someone who is willing to speak with family with ease, I can clearly recall times in business or in social relationships where I’ve held back, not asked for what I desired, or avoided being honest about what would work for me—often finding I had mental… [ More ]

Here’s How to Improve Your Social and Professional Standing

To read original publication, click here. In a world of influencers, entrepreneurs, and people looking to make an impact, what will really make you stand out? While many may be looking for that perfect formula for success based on finding the right thing to say to the right people at the right time, interacting this way can… [ More ]

How to make business fun and financially successful

See original publication here. One woman’s mission to bring joy back into business for growth on every level Hot housed by her father, an inspiring CEO, to become fluent in benevolent business principles, organizational cultures and economic intelligence, Laleh Hancock has always felt at home talking spreadsheets, implementing growth strategies and managing staff.Today — a transformational business coach with more than 25 years… [ More ]

Why Employees Should (But Don’t) Speak Up & Why This Needs to Change

See original publication here. Is employee silence killing your business? Speaking up and sharing thoughts, ideas, and concerns is not always comfortable, but if your staff are silent, you are losing valuable insight and feedback on what isn’t working. You are also not accessing the knowledge, information and ideas they have that can enhance creativity… [ More ]

How Healthy is Your Business?

See original publication here. Why employee & business wellness are inseparable, and what every organization should be doing about it. It’s no secret that employee disengagement affects the bottom line of business. When staff are unhappy and burned out, ROIs are affected, insurance skyrockets, absenteeism grows, and health, safety, and quality issues increase. According to… [ More ]

Are You Controlling Your Business to Death? ~ Guest Laleh Hancock

Click here to listen to Podcast and original publication. In this world, control can be a valued commodity.  We learn how to control so many things in order to create the result we would like to have in our lives and in our businesses. And yet, control can actually be incredibly destructive.  What if there… [ More ]

Can HR Rely on Workers Reporting Their Own Worth?

To read original publication, click here. It is no secret that talent recruitment and retention is a costly process without any real guarantee of long-term employee commitment to a company. With employee turnover costing the U.S. $536 billion per year, is there a more proactive stance HR managers can take to better discover and address… [ More ]

Why Higher Ups Avoid Communicating with Their Staff

See original publication here. Everyone experiences moments where they feel ill at the thought of speaking up. Managers and bosses are no exception. Harvard Business Review and other research firms have reported that up to 69% of managers are uncomfortable communicating with employees. This includes not just when it comes to having conversations they think… [ More ]

How to Allow the Business to Work for You

Interview with Laleh Alemzadeh-Hancock, Management Consultant and Business Coach Click here to listen to the Podcast and original publication. Allow the business to work for you instead of you working for your business. Most entrepreneurs who start a new business do it from the joy of bringing their idea into the world and also to make… [ More ]

Unterwegs Richtung Burnout? Zeit die Spuren zu wechseln!

Unterwegs Richtung Burnout? Zeit die Spuren zu wechseln!  Dem Stress ein Ende setzen und gesund (und glücklich) werden auf der Arbeit und im Business.  Falls dich Arbeit nicht glücklich macht, stehen die Chancen hoch, dass sie dich auch nicht gesund macht.  Die Forschung hat herausgefunden, dass Burnout von Arbeitnehmern bis zu 50% an Personalwechsel verantwortet…. [ More ]

3 Common Mistakes Businesses Make in the New Year

Aired Monday, 8 January 2018, 4:00 PM ET 3 Common Mistakes Businesses Make in the New Year It’s the New Year and time for growth! What do you need to consider as you are looking to grow your business? What information should you consider and be aware of? Join Hancock and Devarati Sammon as they… [ More ]