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Why Higher Ups Avoid Communicating with Their Staff

See original publication here. Everyone experiences moments where they feel ill at the thought of speaking up. Managers and bosses are no exception. Harvard Business Review and other research firms have reported that up to 69% of managers are uncomfortable communicating with employees. This includes not just when it comes to having conversations they think… [ More ]

How to Allow the Business to Work for You

Interview with Laleh Alemzadeh-Hancock, Management Consultant and Business Coach Click here to listen to the Podcast and original publication. Allow the business to work for you instead of you working for your business. Most entrepreneurs who start a new business do it from the joy of bringing their idea into the world and also to make… [ More ]

Unterwegs Richtung Burnout? Zeit die Spuren zu wechseln!

Unterwegs Richtung Burnout? Zeit die Spuren zu wechseln!  Dem Stress ein Ende setzen und gesund (und glücklich) werden auf der Arbeit und im Business.  Falls dich Arbeit nicht glücklich macht, stehen die Chancen hoch, dass sie dich auch nicht gesund macht.  Die Forschung hat herausgefunden, dass Burnout von Arbeitnehmern bis zu 50% an Personalwechsel verantwortet…. [ More ]

3 Common Mistakes Businesses Make in the New Year

Aired Monday, 8 January 2018, 4:00 PM ET 3 Common Mistakes Businesses Make in the New Year It’s the New Year and time for growth! What do you need to consider as you are looking to grow your business? What information should you consider and be aware of? Join Hancock and Devarati Sammon as they… [ More ]

Creating Streams Of Income (A Conversation With Laleh Hancock)

February 19, 2018 by *Dancing Your Life ~ Corinna StoefflSee original publication here. Dancing Your Life ~ Corinna Stoeffl Radio Show The bills for our holiday purchases have come due now. How many of you gasped and thought I need to make more money? Well, there is the possibility of creating additional streams of income using… [ More ]

Adding Wellness in Business – Your Health and the Bottom Line

See original publication here. In business there is a lot of talk about the bottom line and doing whatever it takes to get the job done. With the development of technology and the easy access to connecting with others, there is no real end to the business day. The challenge is that health issues affect… [ More ]


It is possible to create a thriving business culture where shared ideas, innovation, and creativity support an organization to succeed, expand and even defy expectations? A business like this may seem a rare occurrence, but in truth, anyone can instigate a creative and collaborative culture by applying some simple tools – and being willing to… [ More ]


Posted by Laleh Hancock | Learn Magazine, Mindset, People and HR, Work Spaces |     See original publication here.   What if it were actually possible to design your job the way you desire it to be; rather than just put up with all the different elements that you think you have no say over?  What if you could attract the work colleagues… [ More ]

How to Speak Up When You Can’t Find the Words

Avoiding confrontation. Dreading consequences. Trying not to offend or hurt someone. Naturally shy. Culturally sensitive. Or, just afraid to rock the boat. There are many reasons we may ‘bite our tongue’ and studies show just how often we choose to stay silent when we have something important to say: 69% of workplace managers resist communicating… [ More ]

The Gender Pay Gap: How Changing One Belief Can Increase Your Earning Capacity

The issue of the gender pay gap may have started when men held most of the leadership roles in businesses and organizations – but is this the only reason that women still make only 76 cents on the dollar of their equivalent male counterparts?  As a successful executive for many years, I never considered myself… [ More ]

The Importance of Finding Your Voice (at work and in social settings)

We all struggle at times with revealing intimate parts of ourselves, especially when we cannot predict what the reaction or outcome will be. However, with communication breakdowns cited by therapists as the top reason for marriage problems, 72% of surveyed employees, and 69% of workplace managers saying they avoid speaking up, even when they know it will be detrimental to… [ More ]