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Are You a Priority in Your Life?

Making yourself a priority is truly a life-changing choice. We are taught to believe that if we put ourselves first, others will be left behind. Is that really the case?

This reality hit home for me over three years ago. As a very proud mother of twin girls, making the choice to make me also a priority took strength and commitment. It challenged the notion that a good mother leaves her needs behind those of her children.

What does QUALITY of Life Mean to You?

Quality of life is one of the terms we often throw around as though it is an objective standard that applies to everyone. We think that just because certain things are valuable to us that they are valuable to others. When I began to look more closely at different people’s ideas of what quality of life meant I realized that it is a very subjective term, and that each of us has our own scale for what is important to us.

The Coming Technology Era – What Will Be Available To US? With Guest, Kevin Coleman

Technology has changed the way we function in every aspect of our personal and professional lives. Children and adults of all ages utilize technology to communicate, make purchases, evaluate their health, and run every aspect of their businesses. What is next with technology? What possibilities will…