Body Process sessions consists of hands-on methods that use different hand placements on various positions on the body and then asking specific energies to run at each spot. These processes facilitate the body back into its original functions, which assist with the repairing and longevity of the body.


Do you enjoy your body every day? Or do you spend your day complaining about how much your body hurts or how you’re “stuck” with it? The Access Body sessions are an invitation to  create more ease, more gentleness, and more fun with your body.

Your body is amazing. It is a source of potency and information about you and the world around you.

When you ignore your body’s capacities, how much of your life and your abilities are you also ignoring? What if there is a different possibility with your body? Contact Us to learn more.

There are over 50 Body Processes to choose from.  Body Processes are done on a zero gravity chair or a massage table, you will be fully clothed, and all that is required of you is to relax and enjoy.



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