Do you want to influence beyond your current role? Do you have the aspiration take on more leadership responsibilities? Is now the time to be the catalyst of change in your life and career?

What does leadership mean to you? Think beyond the boundaries of what you have been told traditional leadership means. 

What if it is not only being a manager or a Vice President?

What if it can be a person of any age with a vision of something greater and he or she will do whatever it takes to make it real?

If you were that leader, what would you desire to create? 

The target of the Leaders of Tomorrow program is to empower people of all ages and backgrounds to acknowledge their current abilities and skills, and develop the necessary leadership skills to bring to life their dreams for a better tomorrow.

As an emerging leader, you bring skills and the knowledge of your experiences so far. 

What is next?

What new abilities, awareness and knowledge can you add that makes you a greater asset to any environment? 

Sample Topics Include:

* How to become an Effective and Inspiring Leader
* How To Persevere In A Challenging Environment

* Maximize Your Influence and Presence
* How To Identity & Get The Next Job

*Managing The Leadership Stress

Is now the time to invest in you and your future? 


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