Conversations with Unique People around the world

May 28, 2020

Jelena Vuksanovic aka Andromeda.
She has worked as a writer, theatre practitioner and facilitator, artistic manager, and screenwriter.
Her first film, “Panama”, that she worked on as a co-screenwriter, premiered on the Cannes Film Festival in 2015. Her latest productions were writing the libretto for the opera “Light Blue Day” for competition Berlin Opernpreis, contemporary opera “In…Se.. dawning”, which premiered in Bali and working as a dramaturg on the “Gravida” dance project exploring pregnancy and motherhood in UK.

“I’m obsessed with researching the presence in the performing arts. How does creativity transforms and develops the experience of life? The fluidity of the movement, the meditation, the reflection, the sound, the people, the interactions, sharing. Researching the “invisibilities” and incorporating them into art forms. I am creating experiences through different art forms.”

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