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Jun 29, 2017

Are you hiding behind your work?  Your roles?  Your past?  Your life?

What if it were actually possible to create your life the way you desire it to be; rather than just put up with your life, because that’s the family you were born into or because you were never educated, or because, because, because?

Your reasons and limitations limit you and stick you to where you are.  Don’t you want to break free?

“But who am I to do that?”, you say.  “I have no influence.  I can’t change things.  I am a nobody.”

You start by changing those thoughts.  Every single “but” that you have, are you willing to throw them out the door?  Are you willing to no longer have those excuses for not even trying?

Start creating the life you truly desire, today, with these incredibly simple yet highly effective processes to increase your influence right away!

  1. You Have To Be Okay With Being Seen. Sounds obvious, right?  You want to get ahead at work, you have to be noticed; selected; chosen; included.  But so many people that I have coached including the corporate executives have this hidden fear of being seen.  They don’t even realize they have it, because it just doesn’t make cognitive sense that somebody who desires success wouldn’t want to be seen.  As soon as we worked on removing this hidden factor limiting their efforts, their influence, and careers, soared.


The words I chose above, “noticed”, “selected”, “chosen”, “included”, are all highly emotionally loaded words.  They bring up so much from our past; from our childhood.  Perhaps being noticed meant you got picked on, or you were always the one left till last when it was time for choosing teams in school sports, or you were never included in the ‘in crowd’, or even deliberately excluded.  We lock these moments into our bodies and carry them around for years, without even realizing it.  However, they play a huge part in how we interact with others and what we say and do.

The first step to change is awareness.  Write a list of everything it means to you to be seen.  Include everything that comes up for you, both good and bad.  Now, for each item on your list, ask yourself if you are ready to throw that away and be willing to be seen anyway

I can hear you asking, “but what if I’ve written that it means I’ll advance in my career?  I don’t want to throw that away!”  If you think that being seen means you’ll advance, then that’s a conclusion about what it takes to advance.  Any conclusion is limiting.  It actually excludes all other possibilities.  So, you actually want to be willing to be seen, so you aren’t inadvertently limiting yourself, but not have the decision, judgment and conclusion that you have to be seen; because that is also limiting.  You want to be neutral about being seen.  So, throw away everything on your list.

  1. Know What You Truly Desire. Everything has a consciousness and everything is connected.  Whether you believe this or not, you can still use it to your advantage, just by knowing what you truly desire.  When you are really clear about the underlying energy of what you desire, all the molecules of the universe conspire to make it happen.  You are literally tugging on the universe through your desire; becoming the influence that makes it happen.  How quickly it happens depends on all the blocks you put up to receiving it.

Ask, often, “What do I truly desire?” and see what ideas shows up.  And, it’s about the energy of it.  When something shows up, you’ll find yourself going “Oh, that!  That’s what I truly desire in my life.  More fun, ease, luxury, empowering others, whatever it is.”

  1. Utilize Energy Pulls. You want to pull energy to you.  The more pull you have, the more influence you have.  Celebrities are great at this; they seem to just do it naturally.  But you can do it too.  It is amazingly effective.  You can practice by standing in a busy public place, such as a coffee shop or train station, and just pull energy until people start to turn to look at you.  And it’s not difficult.  You just ask.  There is no ‘doing’ involved.

Ask for massive amounts of energy from the universe to pull towards you, through everybody else.  And, the energy doesn’t stop at you, it goes through you too; you are creating this massive flow of energy, and it all is directed at you!

When it comes to gaining influence in a business situation, you want to ask for massive amounts of energy to flow through the people that you want to influence, like your clients, your boss, whoever it might be; there is no limit to how many people you can pull energy through at one time.  And see what shows up.  But it is a muscle that needs developing.  So, practice doing it whenever you think of it.  The more practiced you are, the more intense the energy pull and the influence.

When you utilize these three simple techniques, there is a world of opportunities that open up. However the first step starts with you stepping up for you. Now how much fun can you have increasing your influence?

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Laleh Alemzadeh Hancock is a management consultant, Joy of Business facilitator and the CEO of Belapemo and Global Wellness For All. With nearly 30 years of experience in operational excellence, change management, and organizational wellness, Laleh has inspired and empowered companies and hundreds of thousands of individuals, including Fortune 500 executives, to seek greater success, happiness and wellness.

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