What does successful leadership and teamwork look like for you or your organization? 
Are you looking for something different, individualized, inspiring and not your typical sit around a boardroom table approach?


The Leadership with Horses workshop explores ways to engage with horses and how it can assist us in becoming greater conscious leaders at work and in our own lives.
There are no pre-requisites and is available for all ages and skill sets. Special workshops available for large team building events.
What can you gain from a leadership program with horses? Not only will you get to work with these magical creatures but you will also learn:


Leadership:¬†Understand the subtle nuances of true leadership. Learn to recognize¬†how you are ‚Äėbeing‚Äô and how to create greater for yourself, your teams, and your relationships.

Presence: Learn how to step out of your head and be present in the world around you.


Trust: Discover a profound sense of trust, including an unwavering trust in yourself and your own choices in business and your personal life. All of this, and more, you can learn from a horse.



‚ÄúThere is a level of consciousness that the horses have, where they can give to us in a way that we haven‚Äôt even begun to imagine. Something far greater than anything that anyone has ever been able to speak about.‚Ä̬†

Gary M. Douglas



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