Global Wellness For All (GWFA)

 GWFA is dedicated to the empowerment of people of all ages and abilities and draws upon a wide range of services, global pragmatic tools and products to achieve optimal wellness and wellbeing to handle the increasing level of stress and burnout or anything else showing up. 

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Actions For Futures

Empowering people to create the future that is truly possible.

It is about a much bigger change than the smaller steps we’ve been able to imagine, to take and measure so far. 

Projects creating a future where we live in communion with nature, being stewards of the earth. In doing that, we become conscious that every choice can be a contribution to us, our life, and nature.

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Forests For Futures

 Forests for Futures is a project focused on reforestation and where people can sponsor  trees.

The Earth requires trees to grow and thrive. Forests for Futures looks to protect trees from profiteering and exploitation. 

What stewards of the Earth can we become? 

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El Lugar Resort

El Lugar  is a resort and  a national park, unveiling an experience of being one with nature.

It is located deep in the rainforest of Costa Rica with an unwavering commitment to protecting and preserving the invaluable beauty of nature and an invitation to experience and ways to enjoy modern comfort and amenities while honoring a deep respect for the local culture and natural surroundings.  

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Access Bars¬ģ In Business

Access Bars¬ģ¬†in Business is a relaxation technique inviting the staff to look at¬†the company differently by utilizing powerful questions to rewire focus and empower the individual to tap into their own internal compass and skyrocket their creative ability¬†for problem solving and¬†better handling of¬† the¬†everyday office stressors.

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Hera & Hera City

The actualization of Hera is a physical city.  

A Smart Green City for the Future of Humanity, in honor of Women.  

Hera city will bring together students, leaders, scientists, innovators, families and artists for symposiums, conferences, workshops, and exhibitions. It will be a place for living, working, visiting.  

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