Founded in 2009, Belapemo is recognized for empowering millions of people to not only reach their targets but to exceed them.

Through strategic planning at warp speed, identifying new ventures and hidden obstacles to success, Belapemo opens the door to infinite possibilities for clients looking to take their business and life to levels beyond what most people can ever imagine.


What futures would the business like to create?  What actions need to be taken today to actualize them? Do you have the staff and teams in place to make it happen?

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Do you have a ton of ideas, looking to create a new business, growing an existing  business, fundraising, or leading a team?      

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Leaders of Tomorrow

What does leadership mean to you? Think beyond the boundaries of what you have been told traditional leadership means.  What if it is not only being a manager or a Vice President? 

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A variety of events, seminars, trainings and workshops delivered globally  and online to increase engagement, capacities and knowledge. 

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Our focus extends beyond physical health and vitality to incorporate honoring of the body, nurturing the spirit, mental wellness, the partnership with the Earth and growth in career and finances. 

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Speaking Engagement

Book a motivational keynote speaker to inspire and transform the way people engage, create and act or attend one of the upcoming  conferences around the world. 

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