In partnership with our sister company, Global Wellness For All, we are providing wellbeing services for individuals, businesses, communities and governments.  

Access Bars® in Business 


The Access Bars® quiets a racing mind, reduces stress, and gives the brain a replenishing space. This space encourages creativity, an increase in productivity, and the ability to harness one’s intuition and attention.
Access Bars® in Business is a series of wellness programs that incorporates the dynamic Access Bars, a 30-minute light touch technique on the head that has similar effects to meditation. It provides deep relaxation, which can increase performance optimization and also prevent burnouts.
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Body Processes 

Stress, burnout and anxiety are some of the highest factors for illness and lack of productivity.

Various services like body processes and gentle touch techniques, care to boost creativity, increase relaxation, enhance awareness, wellness and clarity.

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